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Client Stories
Manufacturing Company

A Fortune 500 manufacturing company that grew out of a long history of mergers and acquisitions, found itself needing to search through over 80 years of historical production records of a company sold in 1996. Not only were the records remote from corporate headquarters, but some were on paper, others were in card files, and some in government specification documents. Further compounding the challenge were close to 2,000,000 records on microfilm.

SecondLook Solutions offer to capture all of this information was initially passed over in favor of a trusted vendor. However, as the development of a custom solution progressed, it became apparent products in the marketplace present real challenges for organization and security of unstructured company documents. Returning to SecondLook Solutions solved all of the challenges because its application was literally built to solve the problem – organizing disorganized historical files and images for diverse users who need to collaborate with one another without sacrificing security.

Within weeks of agreeing to terms, SecondLook designed and implemented a customized application that provided exactly what the customer ordered – a combined feature set otherwise unavailable in the document management industry. Requests for advanced capabilities such as merging otherwise unrelated pages into coherent integrated documents were also developed and implemented on time and within budget. Demonstrating their commitment to first rate project management, SecondLook provided a secure internal Email solution permitting collaboration with the company in possession of the records, counsel and carriers.

Because the number of people who understand these historical documents naturally reduces over time, this company took particular comfort in SecondLook Solutions application permitting it to capture and organize millions of historical records that were otherwise practically unusable.