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Client Stories
Law Firm

Law firms are often presented with client records subject to many tens of years of poor organization or worse. Documents intermixed with brochures, architectural drawings and other non-regular documents often make a thorough understanding of the client’s history and satisfying discovery obligations nearly impossible. SecondLook Solutions took on exactly this challenge for a mid-sized firm with both local and national client responsibilities. Because the firm first turned to its staff to look for, identify and organize a large client's paper and historical records, it learned, as most firms do, that gaining a complete understanding of the company’s history would not only take a long time, but require repeated searches for the same items. Clearly an inefficient and potentially costly process, Turning to SecondLook Solutions web based application solved all of the challenges. Even more important, SecondLook's custom scanning from labeled paper folders to matching digital folders provided complete service of the firm and its client's needs.

Literally anticipating the firm’s needs and providing customized screens and options, SecondLook prided itself on designing and implementing a structure into which it scanned close to 700,000 pages within a few months of being retained. SecondLook also performed its work sensitive to the needs of a law firm that services insurance company referred clients completing its tasks on time and under budget. Once the documents were loaded, the firm’s employees quickly gained an appreciation for the search capabilities inherent in SecondLook's application. Compared to finding, printing, reading and re-reading these materials, the projects goals were met or exceeded in a fraction of the time ordinarily needed for this level of document review. Further enhancing the firm’s use of the application, SecondLook's secure internal Email function and web based approach to document analysis allowed key employees in different offices instant access to completed queries and documents tagged with custom meta-data.

SecondLook took a great deal of care in handling the documents from pick up to return and their development on the fly of a search enhancement enabling users to find documents tagged with bar codes. SecondLook demonstrated it cared not only about delivering a quality product, but that the product made its customer's job easier. Going forward the firm relies on SecondLook's application to search for any term on any page, including numbers and other unique text relationships. Employees, clients and insurers are not only happy with SecondLook’s products and services, but intend to use them for other client projects in the future.