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Client Stories
Insurance Company

A Fortune 100 insurance company was faced with the daunting challenge of researching what was and was not published about the certain dangers of a product turned to SecondLook Solutions to help efficiently determine what really happened across the United States from 1900 to 1980 and enabled researchers to find and analyze the information that was available to manufacturers, builders, safety and health professionals around the country. Given the size and scope of the project, using traditional methods of research would have taken years and substantial expense. Turning to SecondLook made the project possible and affordable.

Within weeks of requesting assistance, SecondLook's web based document management application was deployed - permitting the upload of approximately 100,000 items from US history. Once loaded, researchers were able, relying in part on the search capabilities of SecondLook's application, to verify what was and what was not known during 80 years under study. Compared to finding, printing, reading and re-reading these materials, the project was accomplished in a fraction of the time ordinarily needed for this kind of research. Even more valuable, the ability to review, re-review, save the results of queries, and rank the queries in a number of different ways further facilitated the project and continues to contribute to cost savings every day.

SecondLook's custom interface, combined with conversion of all uploaded documents to searchable PDF's on the fly permitted the researchers to combine newspaper and magazine articles, trade journals, government publications and more into a single universally searchable database. The ability to search for any term on any page, including numbers and other unique text relationships made SecondLook Solutions application the choice for this project's needs.

Because the application was the perfect solution for the project's needs, based on its SecondLook's willingness to develop new approaches to old problems, SecondLook was recommended to colleagues in the same company who have since purchased a SecondLook site customized to the unique needs of a different project.